Garia Supersport Golf Car

Garia are experts on the Golf Car. We know what makes a golf car great, and a pleasure to drive. Those capabilities were put to good use when we created a real sports car with Mercedes-Benz Style.

As “a real sports car”, the Supersport Edition Garia Golf Car defines a new class of transportation for the golf course.

Please email Paul Argar for further details on the Garia Supersport. 


Immaculate design aesthetics bring vast refinement factors to your ride. Precise lines nod towards classic sports cars — including the peaked rear spoiler, hand-stitched steering wheel and specially designed lounge seating which give total comfort and support as you lean into each turn. From carbon fibre panels to 14” aluminium rims, you will soon be moving in utter sophistication. Did we reach the part about the built-in fridge yet? With the SuperSport, no expense has been spared.



Tech lends itself heavily to the overall concept and driving experience of the SuperSport. At its beating heart, the vehicle is powered by lithium batteries which help to provide sublime driving acoustics, while alsogoing beyond current standards regarding energy efficiency. Included in the SuperSport’s tech set you will find a reverse camera and an outdoor touch screen including Wi-Fi connectivity. For your tunes: speakers and an in-seat sub. When combined, these aspects of the SuperSport work to make it one of the sharpest and most sophisticated leisure vehicles on today’s market.


The 10.1-inch Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connected outdoor touch screen sleekly provides all the car info you may need on your city journeys. From its display, connect where and when you want, and discover graphically enhanced vehicle information with ease.