Garia Golf Car Technical Spec.


Overall length: 2330 mm/ 92″.

Overall width: 1210 mm/ 48″ (excl. mirrors).

Overall width: 1540 mm/ 58″ (incl. mirrors).

Overall height: 1850 mm/ 73″.

Weight: 399 kg. / 880 lbs.


Motor: High efficient 3-phase AC motor.

Output rating: 3 kW (4 Hp).

Peak power: 11 kW (15 Hp).

Motor control unit: Curtis 275 amp.

Batteries: Lithium Ion (Lead Acid optional)

Charger: Onboard Delta Q charger.


Max forward speed: 24-30 km/h /15-19 mph.

Max reverse speed: 11 km/h /6 mph.

Range (up to): 64 km/ 40 miles (depending on speed, use, weather etc.).

Turning radius: 2600 mm/ 102″ (outer circle).

Charge time: Approx. 7 hours (for full charge).

Dual-circuit hydraulic braking system on all wheels.

Parking brake: Automatically engaged electromagnetic parking brake.


Frame: Premium E-Coated

Rack and pinion steering.

Front suspension: Double wishbone suspension made from aluminum with automotive ball joints and coilovers.

Rear suspension: Live rear axle mounted with trailing links, Panhard rod and coilovers.

Robot-welded aluminum roof structure.


Dry weight (with batteries): 550 kg/ 1200 lbs.

Tire size: 205-50-10 or 205-30-12.

Payload capacity: 350 kg/ 770 lbs.

Seating capacity: 2 persons.

Weight distribution: 40/60 (front/rear).


Standard 3 years limited vehicle warranty.

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